Envy, the Draicon

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Envy, the Draicon

Post  Envy on Sat Jul 04, 2009 3:03 am

Name: Envy (Draicons don’t have last names Razz)

Age: 999 (Lol.)

Gender: Female

Race: Draicon

Personality: Envy is extremely rude and very dangerous and doesn’t really care for anyone but herself. She never grows onto anyone. She normally stays in her dragon form, protecting an old ruin of an old Draicon castle that she called her home. She literally won’t hesitate to kill anyone or anything that enters her domain, however she is a bit on the softer side when it comes to other Draicons, though she will still be as paranoid as ever.

Family: Nope. Envy’s got no one. xD

Appearance or Pictures: At the bottom are pictures.

History: Envy can barely remember what she was before she became a Draicon. It’s not surprising, seeing as she’s been alive for almost 1,000 years. Her history is very vague to her and she doesn’t really care about it, seeing as she usually doesn’t talk to anyone. However, she does remember coming out of an egg and staring at her future ‘mentor’. It didn’t take long for her to learn, and before her creator knew it, she was gone.

RP Sample: Envy grumbled deeply in her sleep. A bunch of images flew through her mind. And image of a red-scaled Draicon flew past. One of her ‘ears’ flicked. A noise jerked her awake. The serpentine beast opened one of her purple eyes slowly, and looked around. Not being able to see the source, she opened her other eye. A shape stood there, pitifully small and bipedal. It was a human. Envy grinned silently, and replaced her blissful sleeping expression with an evil look.
Immediately she uncoiled and roared a mighty roar. The human screamed, turned around, and scampered towards the small entrance he had come through. Envy blocked the opening with her tail at once. She could see the human beating her hide with it’s fists, but the blows were like nothing to her. If the human were muter she would be able to fall asleep. Envy just looked down on the human, a serpent smile on her face.
“You won’t get away.” Envy stated promptly and a matter-of-factly. “What’s the point?” screamed the tiny little human. “I’m too small to eat! And I taste filthy.” It cried.
“Oh, you do, do you? Have you ever tried for yourself? No, I don’t think so… But I will!” She answered, her voice booming and alien-sounding. Her head plummeted toward the ground, only to meet her scaly green and tan hide as the human managed to wriggle out of the way.
“Oh, you’re pretty quick for a human!” The human just screamed. Pinpointing him, she turned her head and launched it toward the little two-legs. SNAP. Envy’s jaws met their mark. She lifted her head as she swiftly took its life by crushing it, savoring the small taste that spread throughout her mouth.
Hardly an appetizer, she thought grumpily. What was the point? The huge dragon wondered to herself as she settled down again.
(Lol, Envy’s evil and heartless. Poor human, may he rest in peace. XD)

I don't own any of these pics. In her humanoid form she has no wings because she was a human before she was a Draicon. By the way, Envy is also a lone Draicon and is not part of a tribe.


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Re: Envy, the Draicon

Post  Tiriaq & WolfHeart on Sat Jul 04, 2009 4:17 pm

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