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WolfHeart - Lycan - Alpha

Post  Tiriaq & WolfHeart on Fri Jul 03, 2009 1:11 pm

Name: WolfHeart James

Age: 1,098 years old.

Gender: Male

Race: Lycan

Rank: Alpha

Personality: WolfHeart is a friendly lycan, he won't attack other lycans or humans. . . He's pretty much pacifist. He'll only attack his enemy, the vampires.

Family: His mother died. He had a lover who died by a vampire, he seeks revenge. his brother was badly injured and wasn't able to heal, he was sent to the human hospital.

Appearance or Pictures:

History: He was born and he was a Lycan, always defending his land from the vampires, his mother died while protecting him. His lover was also killed by the same Vampire, he seeks revenge to the Vampire who killed them.

RP Sample: (OOC: Do I really?) WolfHeart stalked into the moonlit forest, yes, he was in his Lycan form. He looked around, he smelled the Vampire, it smelled as if the Vampire was right in front of his nose, but he learned how to distinguish how far Vampires really where, this one was up ahead some more. By the sound of it, it just caught a deer and was feasting on it. He stopped dead in his tracks as he looked upon a Vampire, it's hair gone, his ears pointed and his eyes as black as the dark forest. The Vampire stopped feasting, sniffed the air, and looked at WolfHeart. WolfHeart growled, "Get out of our land or I'll kill you!"

"Oh, come on! I can't just, visit? I can't visit my ol' pals? WolfHeart?" The Vampire hissed. WolfHeart thought he hissed his name in disgust.

"You disgust me!" WolfHeart barked.

The Vampire leaped at WolfHeart, who dogded it swiftly. The Vampire turned around quickly and jumped on WolfHeart's back. "ARG! Get off of me you light hater!" WolfHeart howled. He grabbed the Vampire's back and tried to rip him off but the vampire's claws were dug in deep.

Finally after some struggling WolfHeart managed to rip the Vampire of and WolfHeart jumped on the vampire, pinning him to the ground. "It's time to die for you!" WolfHeart howled. He lifted his hand and swung it down at the vampire's heart. He grabbed it and he felt it twitching.

"Please, no. Don't!" The vampire screamed.

WolfHeart suddenly felt sympathy for the Vampire who was scared to die. He let go of the heart and stepped off him. "I won't kill you tonight. Just remember, I can kill you. And next time I will next time." WolfHeart promised. The Vampire disappeared into the night and Wolfheart looked at his hands, he remembered the feel of the heart pumping the sound, Horrifying.

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